Nina Talbot

Painter - Writer
painting, Adele, by Nina Talbot
Adele, 2020, oil on linen, 18 x 14 inches

Places in Galicia


Adele Distenfeld was my paternal great-aunt. She was born in Kamionka Strumiłowa, a town near Lwów. My father told me that his father, Israel Distenfeld, Adele’s older brother said that Adele died in childbirth before the war. I found Adele’s birth record of 1905. I think that Adele did not die in childbirth.

Based on the history of the Nazi invasion of this town on June 28, 1941, and a photo of Adele with her family dated 1941, I believe that Adele was murdered in a forest nearby, among hundreds of other Jews, or at Bełżec.

In another photo of Adele’s uncle, Israel Adler, holding the hand of a little girl, is the name ‘Adela’ written on the front of the picture. I have a feeling that perhaps this is the child of Adele.

When I visited Kamionka Strumiłowa in September 2018, our guide found the street, and location of a building where Leizer, Adele’s father had a restaurant. I imagined Adele walking out on that street, with her mother, uncle and child in the background.