Nina Talbot

Painter - Writer
painting, Feeding Moshe In The Woods, by Nina Talbot
Feeding Moshe In The Woods, 2023, oil on linen, 10 x 12 inches

Places in Galicia

Feeding Moshe In The Woods

We met a woman whose mother was hiding a Jewish man in the forest near Dynów. This is what Franciszka told us: “From time to time, I was visiting him with my mom. We had our field close to the forest, and my mother would take me to visit him so nobody would suspect anything. He was a very good man, and my mom took care of him. He had a daughter the same age as me, and we had gone to school together. His name was Moshe. Only I knew about him and this place when she was hiding him. For this, she could get a death sentence if somebody saw that we were taking food there. It was eight of us in the family and my mom chose only me to accompany here. Even the priest asked who had buried this Jewish man in the forest. He was alone in this forest… I don’t know where his family was at the time. He passed away in this forest because the poor man would eat only once a day…he was sitting next to the tree all the time. It was such a horrible experience.”