Nina Talbot

Painter - Writer
painting, Seredpil’tsi Fields (Środopolec), by Nina Talbot
Seredpil’tsi Fields (Środopolec), 2020, oil on linen, 16 x 19 inches

Places in Galicia

Seredpil’tsi Fields (Środopolec)

The town name means ‘between fields’. This was the birthplace of my grandfather Israel Distenfeld and his parents Leizer and Deborah. We saw more horses than people here.

Our guide found an older woman to ask her if she remembered anything about the Jewish community before the war. She told us that her neighbors were an older Jewish couple, but she didn’t remember their names. She said that the Nazis wiped out the entire Jewish population from their town. She said there was a tavern owned by a Jewish man near the entrance of Seredpil’tsi. We searched for traces of the old tavern on the way out, and that’s where I saw a cart pulled by two horses on the horizon outlined by a bright yellow sun.